Astor Hostel loves… Southbank Skate Park

Posted September 8, 2016

Coming to London whilst traveling, if you’re interested in skating or not then Southbank Skate Park is definitely a place to check out. Located in Lambeth, by the Thames.

Southbank has been around for over forty years and has since evolved, Gaining features including banks, stairs, and ledges. It’s a great park in that it doesn’t discriminate against non-locals which make it a sweet spot for travellers alike. Fortunately the skate park is under shelter as well as being completely free! Of course assuming you brought your own board. Hope you don’t mind being watched whilst you skate as there’s always a group of tourists peering over the railing.

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The park made the news after the Long Live Southbank campaign, backed by London’s very own Boris Johnson, came to a successful ending with the conclusion that it won’t be replaced with a £120 million redevelopment plan. The proposal of the park being moved down the Thames and replaced by a shopping centre sparked an eighteen month campaign. Rolling through the decades is a film about Southbank and why there was such uproar when Southbank threatened to close it.

Were you to arrive without board the is a shop just east of Hyde Park, by the name of The Club Blue Room, which has a very capable team who will be able to help you in your selection for the right board for you, or roller blade for those into blading. You can find them on 12-14 Edgware Road, London, W2 2EN

Cover photo: Davide D’Amico.