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Why book with us

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5 Central Locations

With four properties in London and one in York, you can’t get more central than Astor Hostels.

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Free Wifi

Astor loves free wifi. We believe you should never ever pay for wifi.

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Fully Equipped

Astor Hostels provide all the facilities you might need to enjoy your stay.

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Local Expertise

Ask Away! All of our staff live the city like locals and will happily point you to all the best places.

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Your mum doesn’t live here but it’s ok, we’ll make your bed for you.

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Superb Service

Happy guests mean a happy hostel. We work hard to ensure our guests arrive, live and leave with a smile.

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24/7 Reception

We don’t close. Ever. Not even at Christmas.

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Daily Activities

We curate daily events and activities to ensure everyone has something enjoyable to do during your stay.

Get social !

We’re open!

All our locations are now open and welcoming young professionals, students, and like-minded individuals looking for a place to stay over the coming months.

Co-Living at Astor

Want to live at Astor? We’re flexible: stay longer, pay less and cancel anytime at no extra cost

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Your safety while staying with us

We have taken many precautions to ensure social distancing and to maximise our guests’s safety while staying at our hostels

COVID-19 guidelines