Top 5 Non-Touristy Places To See in London

Posted April 13, 2018

By Elisa Rusnacu – Astor Museum


London it is beautiful, we all agree with that. Also, in London you never get bored as there is a lot of things to visit and see, to eat or to drink, to try something new or to explore something different.

But if you want to visit other places than the famous ones, here there are some non-touristic ones that you should visit.

Camden Lock

Probably you’ve heard about Camden Town or Camden Market, but one of the things that most of the people don’t know about is Camden Lock, the canal side of the Camden Market, that actually is a part of the Regent’s Canal.

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The Hill Garden and Pergola

Definitely, you should give a try to this beautiful garden and the unique architecture of the Pergola. It is located in Hempstead Heath, a place that you need to explore too…

If you want to have some time alone,  this is the perfect place, where you can barely hear the noise of the city.

Wellcome Collection

This is not exactly a non-touristic place, as it is a museum and a library, but the non-touristic thing is The Reading Room, a quiet place where you can read your own book or one of the books that you’ll find there.

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The @wellcomecollection Reading Room is unlike any other. Completely open to the public it has over a thousand books and 100 objects available to browse and discover – including contemporary sculptures, paintings, medical artefacts and manuscripts. @wellcomecollection see the room as an open invitation to dig a little deeper into what it means to be human. There are 10 different sections: Alchemy, Food, Travel, Body, Breath, Face, Pain, Mind, Lives and Faith, each with their own collections of objects, fiction, non-fiction and interactive activities. Settle down with a book on a comfy sofa, contemplate life or strike up a conversation with a stranger. #wellcomecollection #library #librariesofinstagram #lovelibraries #london #museummile #museummileldn

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Neal’s Yard

If you heading to Convent Garden, you must go to Neal’s Yard. The courtyard is a piece of heaven right in the middle of three streets as it is hidden, which makes it more interesting.  Grab a coffee and enjoy the view!


Sky Garden

The most amazing thing about this place is the 360-degree panoramic views of London. It is a free entrance and for sure is going to be worth every minute spent there.  Tips:  Be sure to be there for sunset for a memorable experience!