Top 3 skateparks in London

Posted February 9, 2018

by Sam Gray – Astor Victoria


London is hands down, one of the best cities for skating in the world. Whether you’re into skating the streets or hitting the parks, this city has a lot to offer. When you think of the London skate scene you probably think of parks like Southbank and the House of Vans, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

All throughout London there are a huge variety of street spots to be found. The roads are rough and cracks in the sidewalks that’ll send you flying, but thats the beauty of it. You have to make you’re own spots and obstacles to skate, and when it works out you get a buzz and excitement like no other. If you’re an avid skater like myself, you’ll definitely have your favorite places to skate. Some of the best places to skate in my opinion are in West London.


In Westbourne Park lies an absolute gem and one of London’s oldest parks. If you are into skating transition and carving around a bowl this has to be on your list. It flows really well and has a good layout so you can cruise around without pushing.

There are three interlocking bowls, 2 medium sized and one long small one. With plenty of hips, extensions and room to play with you can find some quite interesting lines here. The small bowl can act as a mini ramp so you can learn new maneuvers then take them to the deep end. No matter whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there plenty of good times to be had here.


A 10 minute skate along the river front leads you to Royal Oak Park. It is hidden under the A40 overpass, the same road which BaySixty6 is under. It is a mix of a very old concrete half pipe and a modern skatepark. This park is a personal favorite of mine, not for the variety of obstacles but purely from a stylish and artistic point of view.

It flows well from end to end starting with a long rounded quarter pipe, pyramid and ledges in the middle and a huge flat bank at the end. This park has a lot of history behind it too. 2 of skateboarding biggest pioneers Mark Gonzales and Tom Penny have claimed some serious tricks here, just to name a few.


What used to be known as Playstation park for several years is now refurbished and sponsored by Nike SB. Since Nike’s re-vamp in 2011 the park has blossomed and grew into a well rounded park. The first thing to note about the park is that its undercover, which is a huge bonus with the state of London’s weather.

The park has something to offer for any level or style of skater. Including simple ledges, big hubbas, rails, driveways, quarters, flat banks, ski jump style gaps and wall rides. Along with the large bowl and beginners sections. There are also great facilities such as lockers, toilets, snack vending machines, seating area and also a skate shop. Personally, I think this is one of the best places to skate in London so if you get a chance, this should be at the top of your list.