Tips and activities to help you during quarantine

Posted April 9, 2020

Are you coping, going a bit loopy, have cabin fever or just REALLY missing your besties? Stayin IN is the new “having a life”. We have eaten all the pasta, watched all the Netflix and did half an online Yoga class.

So our fellow quarantine-ies, we have come up with a few practical dos, don’t’s & time killing ways of spending time indoors.


It’s all the rage and we are IN THERE. Get your virtual game strong with friends and family. Have a schedule put in your diary and stay connected.


You can share memories here, look back at your Instagram of your travels together, amazing places you visited and start making up your travel list for when this is all over. End every call with the same question. “What is the first place you will travel to once the lockdown is over”

BITCH, make a list! Write down what you would like to accomplish. We all have those tasks that have been pending for several years.
– Sort online banking
– Do a digital marketing short course
– Hoover under my bed
– Sort out my Dropbox
– Clean under the basin in the bathroom
– Vision board on Pinterest about my travel dreams

Once you get going with the list it does tend to spiral and before you know it your TO DO list is keeping you busy and you can have that “sense of accomplishment”. Now don’t put to much pressure on yourself, in these times brushing your teeth and wearing something other than PJs does count as major victories too.


Yes, we know, easier said than done if your hair looks like a farm animal of sorts, eyebrows taking over and various other body parts going south FAST.

Deep breath and look at this from another angle, you have time, something all of us always moan about: “I don’t have time”, now we do.

Why don’t you give meditation a go, do that yoga class from start to finish, stretches and breathing exercises? You may as well, and besides, “you are worth it” NAMASTE

A tip, the hardest part of a new habit is getting started, so boo, get into a routine, have specific times of the day you do your self-love vibes, whatever works for you, but do it, it will do wonders for your headspace.

GO OLD SCHOOL… and read a book! We are all desperate Instagram and tick-tock junkies. Step away from the mobile, no seriously put it down! The joy of your imagination is rotting away looking at Jake from Indianapolis doing push-ups.

If you have some books on the self that has been there for however long, dust one of and give it a go. If you don’t have a physical book, apple books are your friend. There are many amazing titles you can search, so do yourself that 1 favour, and read.

IN THE YEAR OF COVID, everybody is an influencer, Susan from accounts is now sporting her cake tutorials, your mates are broadcasting their home workouts and your gran is sharing her daily naps. JOIN in the fun, you now have a voice, use it and tell the world what you are doing at home or want to do after the lockdown or if you have a particular hobby shout, shout & shout again. We love a good YouTube tutorial and a podcast.

MAKE SURE YOU KEEP ON DREAMING, we love our cities and we will be right here waiting for you when this is over, tequila in the one hand and responsible hugging for everyone. If you are planning to come to visit us, then remember, our Risk-Free rate that can save you up to 50%. You will be able to change your booking dates as many times as you want for twelve months. In case of cancellation, 100% of the payment will be refunded.

Stay safe, stay sane & STAY AT HOME.