Staff picks: Theatre in London

Posted November 14, 2019

by Lauren – Astor Museum

London has such a large variety of amazing musicals to watch right on our doorsteps. It is also super easy to get great cheap tickets sometimes in advance but even on the day of; so here are some of our favourites you may like to see whilst in London!
Disney award-winning musical based on the the animated film ‘Lion King’ is amazing and still showing! Now in its 21st year and third theatre here in London bringing you back to your childhood! It brings the audience bursts of wonderful colours, spectacular effects and captivating music. Filled with all the amazing songs we all know and love putting a heart warming smile on everyone’s faces! It follows the compelling story of Simba as he journeys from cub to his destined role as King of the Pride Land.

Creative director, Julie Taymor’s production of Disney’s beloved film will change any expectations you have of theatre!

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The Book of Mormon continues to humour, entertain and shock London audiences. This musical has won 9 Tony Awards including Best Musical and even winning a Grammy award for the soundtrack! The Book of Mormon’s London theatre tickets continue to be some of the hottest tickets on sale after stunning audiences .

It tells the story of two young Mormon missionaries, working to spread the word of the Latter Day Saints to locals in a small town in Uganda. Created by the comedy duo Trey Parker and Matt Stone – the masterminds behind the animated hit South Park. They worked together to create this hysterical musical that has amazing singing, acting and dancing, at the same time being unbelievably rude, potentially offensive and above all, surprisingly engaging.

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If you want to see a fabulous, fun and feel-good jukebox musical then you should check out Mamma Mia! It is a , a story of love, relationships and identity is cleverly told through the hit songs of ABBA. Mamma Mia has been playing for more than 20 years in London, where the phenomenon all began!

Since the production began in 1999, worldwide it has been seen by over 65 million people in 50 productions. In 16 different languages grossing more than $2 billion. Whatever age you are, you can‘t help but have the time of your life at Mamma Mia!

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A play written 11 years ago has come to life at the Old Vic in London. Starring ‘The Crowns’ Claire Foyer and Matt Smith, the show is a two-person act with minimal to no set. It is essentially about their life as a couple. Beginning with the idea of having a baby and the thoughts and emotions this can provoke, leading to life changes and creating new problems. The question constantly being asked is if they are ‘good people’.

The Old Vic is an iconic venue and worth the trip over to Waterloo. If time permits, going to the box office there in the morning (9am) to buy cheap last minute tickets!


These are just some of our personal favourites here at Astor Museum, we hope you enjoy them! Or check out some other ones and let us know what you think when you come to stay with us at Astor Hostels!

Featured image: Book of Mormon website