Scared to go solo to London? Read this!

Posted August 14, 2022

How to Travel To London as a Solo Traveller While Staying In a Hostel

You’ve made up your mind to do it at last. You’re going to set out on your own for that solo London trip. You’ve wanted to travel alone for a long time, but something has always stopped you—possibly a little fear? People warning you that it’s risky? It all seems more real now that you’ve decided on your locations, planned your route, and created a preliminary budget.

Travelling alone can be both thrilling and scary, but there are few destinations better than London for solo travellers. London offers something for everyone, whether you visit for history, culture, gastronomy or the gram. Think about yourself, whether you’re travelling alone or with others, as you would in any location, and you’ll be OK. Londoners are hospitable, multicultural, and multilingual people, making the city one of the finest locations to travel alone.

You are actually going to have a good time in London. Whatever type of experience you seek, you will find it in this beautiful city.
After you book your flight to London, the next step is to book your accommodation. Look for somewhere centrally located with easy access. Hostels are the ideal choice for solo travellers. Everyone who has travelled abroad will say the same thing because of the affordability of hostels worldwide and the cheap options they offer. Hostels in London that will make your stay a memorable one are Astor hostels. Check out Astor Hostels and everything it has to offer here.

It is not just because a bed in a hostel room is affordable. Yes, that does have a role, but for us, the experience is what matters most. So, here are four incredible advantages of staying in Astor hostels when travelling solo in London.



1 Meet New and Friendly People
Being alone on the road is one of the major concerns of solo travellers. But believe me when I say that staying in Astor hostels will enable you to meet people from around the globe and that you’ll probably end up with some lifelong pals. In addition, this hostel will allow you to meet other travellers and interact with larger groups of friends and the fantastic hostel London staff members.

2 Location
We recommend you book accommodations in the city centre to avoid spending a lot of time and money travelling. Instead of commuting into the city daily from the outskirts, it’s easier to step out of the hostel and straight into the bustle of everything. All Astor hostels are conveniently situated in the city’s heart.

3 Affordability
The obvious benefit of staying in hostels is their affordability. As a solo traveller, you’ll want to budget and save as much money as possible for activities you actually want to do, so low-cost lodging is crucial. Interestingly, Astor hostels offer a discount for bookings of 3 nights and above. To enjoy the discount, include the discount code 3NIGHTS (for bookings between 3 and 10 nights); this code will give visitors a -12% discount. You can use this to make your trip even cheaper.