Explore London’s Local Markets

Posted July 4, 2019

by Elisa Rusnacu – Astor Museum

If you ever come to London make sure that, firstly, you stay at one of our hostels as you will find no better place where to rest your head and meet fellow travelers in the city; and second check out the local markets around them. Whether you’re looking for food, vintage gems, or you just want to admire the antiques, the local markets have it all.

Astor Hyde Park

If Hyde Park is the most interesting location for you, you should check South Kensington Farmers Markets. It’s a bit of a shame that’s only open on Saturdays but it’s well worth the visit.

As a good farmers market, this place is just heaven for those looking to find organic and free-range food ( you can cook the best hostel meal after a trip to this market!).


Astor Museum

If you don’t want to walk for 30 minutes all the way to up to the infamous Camden Market, Soho Vegan Market is the best option for a very good meal.

A brand new street food market located, as its name indicates, in the heart of Soho, and located just 10 minutes walk from Astor Museum. This place is vegan’s land and is open every Saturday.

Astor Kensington

Portobello Market is definitely one of the most iconic markets in London and, lucky for you, it is super close to Astor Kensington. The antiques were the main attraction back in the day when the market became popular;  but now, besides then you can also find clothes, ceramics, posters, many kinds of food & drink.

You can visit it every day and also you can admire the beautiful architecture of Notting Hill’s buildings.

Astor Victoria

Less than 5 minutes walking from Astor Victoria you’ll find Tachbrook Market, the place where food is the main word. Indeed is a small market, but the street food is fresh, hot and really, really good.

No idea what to eat, don’t worry. This place is just perfect for a quick travel all around the world in terms of food. Or maybe you miss that Turkish grill that you ate in Istanbul… right there, you’ll find it in Tachbrook Street.

(We highly recommend the Pad Thai from Newdlez Pad Thai and the Falafel wrap from Falafel Bros)