3 London Underground Haunted Stations

Posted May 4, 2018

by Tito – Astor Kensington


London Tube is the oldest underground in the world and only because of that is has been scenery for many cool stories, as well spooky ones.

Three of the most famous ghost stories in London underground are, the screaming spectre from Farrington, in Bank there is a ghost from a nun and the staff from Covent Garden claim that they seem William Terris, dresses in his frock coach, hat and gloves.


The Ghost from Farringdon

The history says that the ghost is Anne Naylor, a sick girl how works for a millionerd family in the eighteen centuries.

The Metyars were the most brutal of taskmasters and when Anne fell behind in her work, it uses to happen because of her illness, she would be beaten.

One day she decided to run away into the new tunnels, but It didn’t take long for her master to catch her. She never came back from those tunnels and the workers there say, that they can hear her screams.

Then Nun from Bank

Philip Whitehead was an employ from the bank of England. He was accused of forgery and he was found guilty and sentenced to die. No one knows that he has a young sister.

The young woman went into the bank to ask for her brother, the staff told her that her brother is on a business trip, but she keeps coming. One day, a member of the staff tells her what happens with Philip. She starts to wear a black dress with and a black vail and go every day and ask for her brother Philip.

The bank of England agreed to pay off the sister of their former employee and she promised to not come back as long as she lived. She keeps her promise.

When she died, no longer bound by her oath, she came back with her black dress asking for her bother every day.



William Terry’s Ghost

William Charles James Lewin, was an English actor, known for his swashbuckling hero roles, such as Robin Hood, as well as parts in classic dramas and comedies. He was also a notable Shakespearean performer

Terriss was stabbed to death by a deranged and disgruntled actor, Richard Archer Prince. Prince was jealous of Terriss because of his success this and his mental problems takes Prince Murder Terriss.

Legend has it that Terriss ghost haunts Covent Garden tube station and the Adelphi Theatre