London for the football lovers!

Posted May 5, 2016

Being a football fan in London is a dream come true with plenty of options to choose from to get a great football experience. Some of the most well known and historic clubs in the world are based here in London and are convenient to travel to and from which makes getting your football fix that much easier.

Firstly you have the Stadium tours, Stamford Bridge and Emirates stadium are the most popular and they are the home of Chelsea FC and Arsenal, two powerhouses of the top league here in England, the Barclays Premier League. At Stamford Bridge you have a lot of different tours to choose from, such as a stadium tour, a private tour with your own guide and you can even go around Stamford Bridge accompanied by a Chelsea FC legend and ask what the playing experience was like.

At Emirates Stadium they have a range of similar deals but the most popular would be the self guided audio tour which gives you the freedom to walk around whilst listening to Arsenal legends, they will tell you all you need to know about the stadium and its history. There are other tours you can choose to go on at the stadiums of some of the smaller clubs such as Upton Park, home of West Ham United, and also there is a popular tour aroundWembley Stadium, the home of the national team and I’ve heard you even get to lift a replica of the FA cup.

Secondly there is also the option to go to a live game while you are in London. Tickets are always in high demand and I haven’t had the opportunity to experience a live game yet but if you are organised and get onto it very early you can always make it happen. Some of the bigger clubs do require you to be a member online to be able to purchase these tickets. If you are unable to get any seats to a premier league game there is always the championship, which is a tier under and has some exciting and free flowing football with tickets a lot easier to purchase.

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Finally I haven’t mentioned the option of going down to a local pub or sports bar and watching the game. There is always a lively atmosphere, especially for the big matches and its enjoyable to watch with a few locals while drinking a few pints. So many choices when it comes to this as there seems to be a pub showing the game everywhere you look here in London. Here are our favourite three bars to watch the football in London.

All in all these are some of the ways to experience football here in London. There’s plenty to choose from so if you are a huge fan like I am, make sure you make the most of your time here.