How to stick with Veganuary and Dry January in London

Posted January 16, 2019

by Astor Museum

With Vegan diets becoming more and more popular and more accessible to everyone, we can all try and jump behind Veganuary! Here are some of our top tips to London’s vegan scene, and to further boost the January health kick, here are some tips for sticking with Veganuary and Dry January in London.

Street Food Union is based in the cultural heart of London’s Soho on Rupert Street. They have some of the best up-and-coming street food talents in town, and every Saturday is Soho’s Vegan Market Day. They offer a wide selection of food and many on OFFER! It includes Vietnamese food, pizzas, burgers, even sweets, and many more – ALL VEGAN and all under £10. You will find different traders every week. The market runs every Saturday from 11- 4pm, so check it out for great Vegan Street food.

Vantra Loungevity has been offering London nutritious, sustainable, vegan food since 1999. They use gentle cooking techniques to ensure maximum nutrition content of the food and everything is homemade. The concept of the restaurant is very simple – grab a plate, fill it up with what you like from the buffet, weigh it and pay. The restaurant is located on Wardour Street in Soho and is open every day from 12-11pm (Mon & Sun 1-10pm). Why not try?

If you’re more into casual dining or takeaway/delivery, Hiba Express is for you! They are a family-owned and run business, bringing London the best flavours of Palestinian and Lebanese food. With over 80 delicious dishes to choose from, covering soups, mains, hot and cold mezzes, wraps, pastries and salads, their menu is a strong favourite and frequently praised for their large and delicious selection of vegan friendly dishes! Located on High Holborn, the restaurant is open until midnight 7 days a week. How could you go wrong?

Now that the Holiday festivities are over, your liver could quite possibly need a well-earned break! Dry January is the UK’s one-month booze-free challenge. It can seem daunting for most, however there are plenty of activities to enjoy for this month to fly by!

Draughts Board Game Café is a cosy little hangout in Waterloo. A board-game lover’s dream, boasting over 800 games to bring up all the family feuds of the past! They also serve food (including multiple vegan options), and soft drinks to keep you fuelled up to win your game of choice. They are open until midnight 7 days a week.

While in the UK, you should treat yourself to the Traditional British Afternoon Tea. Camellia’s Tea House in Bloomsbury is a cosy place to warm up after a busy day exploring the city. Located just across from the British Museum, it’s the perfect central spot to escape the busy museum or shopping streets nearby, without having to walk miles.

Dry January will be a lot easier if you spend your time wisely. Reading a book at Daunt Books will help you keep you distracted from that late afternoon beer that, let’s be honest, is just the beginning to an endless amount of beers – and guess what? You can even bring your own book to read! With multiple locations across London, some even open until 9pm, why not stay warm and immerse yourself in a book?

Spend some time inside and get social with other hostel guests doing Jigsaw puzzles. You will surely find one that matches your budget at Oxfam or any of the charity shops located all over the city. This way, you will spend some nice quality time with new friends without alcohol.

Here they are – amazing tips to survive January 2019! Great vegan food, fun times and money saving activities.