Your very own Gay Bar Crawl in Soho

Posted July 7, 2017


The nightlife in London is overwhelmingly diverse and constantly bustling with riveting events and social experiences.

A fun filled night of dancing and witty banter with charismatic individuals is undoubtedly on everyone’s list of things to do in London. So why not add a twist to the conventional pub crawl experience and focus your drunken explorations specifically on the gay party scene.

And what better place to do it than the tantalizing heart of London!

Soho, known as an entertainment district in central London, is where countless gay and lesbian clubs and bars are situated, and all within walking distance! A personal suggestion of a G-A-Y crawl itinerary would be as follows:

Starting off at a gay pub, such as Village, with half-naked hunks dancing on the bar tops is a sure way to start the giggles over a couple of cocktails.

With the tingling sensation of the alcohol kicking in, a short walk to the stylish Freedom Bar is a must. If done right, the smoky, colourful atmosphere and feel-good dance hits should have anyone, gay or straight, up on the dance poles with an improvisation of their best stripper moves.

Finally, just before the early hours of the morning, G-A-Y Late is sure to feature on any fun seekers list. With the vibrant, lively setting, cheerful atmosphere and sing-a-long commercial dance hits, G-A-Y Late is the epitome of ending the night off with a bang!

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A fabulous night out is not however limited to the places suggested above, the list of places worth visiting is exhaustive.

The gay scene in London is exhilarating and a must do for every fun lover!