Caffeine fix: Our favourite spots in York for coffee

Posted March 12, 2020

by Michael Tindale, Jay Romeo – Astor York

A blog about the beans! “Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.” ― David Lynch

With an estimated 2.5 billion coffees consumed daily worldwide, there is no denying we all grave a warm, smooth, silky brew to start the day. Here in York we are blessed with a huge range of cafes to wet the whistle.  We got you covered: from a quick and easy cappuccino to a brew so hip that you can almost taste the barista’s Dr. Martens.

Below are some of my top cafes and coffee spots to keep you moving whilst adventuring beautiful York!

Kiosk Project Space – FOSSGATE

I love seeing the city from different people’s lenses. And before you guess it – yes – I discovered this small coffee house through a Tinder date. With perfectly brewed v60 coffee and set on one of York’s trendiest streets, the Kiosk is a great place to take a break and replenish those caffeine levels. Known for: competitive prices, a fantastic mingling & seating area.


Looking to walk the York city walls with a coffee in your hand? Partisan is your best choice. The coffee house run by the best people (Especially Tom!). The staff at the Partisan will serve you a takeaway cup and make you leave the shop with a smile on your face! The second to none customer service, great range of well-poured cuppas, and tasty sweet and savoury treats make this spot a great checkpoint on your walk around the city walls.

My Bureau @ Cafe 42 – Micklegate

Do you know tfw you travel and great things happen to you by accident? The way I discovered Cafe 42 was one of those marvelous coincidences. I was on my typical morning coffee mission and I happened to dodge my usual spot (Partisan Restaurant) by mistake. Being a coffee nut, there was no chance I was going without my regular cup of Joe. Firstly, I was literally drawn in by the large street facing window – which makes for a fantastic setting to watch the world go by.

As I entered, I was surrounded by a bunch of creatives sipping on some hot brews. Not what I expected. As it turns out, the Café is a coworking space. However, the front area is free for anyone looking for a good cup of coffee: a space to plan their next adventure or simply to do some people watching. Personal recommendation: mixed blend, no milk, no sugar. Plain black – Best coffee in York by far!

Astor York

As far as value for money is concerned, there isn’t an establishment in the amazing city that can compete with the hostel. 24h Free tea and coffee? YES! You will see us, staff, often huddling around the coffee station or waiting on the kettle to whip up a Yorkshire tea. In need of a strong coffee to power through the day? Come and experience it for yourself! Enjoy your warm cup of coffee in any of our common spaces: dining areas, lounge room or outside in our beautiful tranquil terrace.

Featured Image Source: Kiosk Project Space Facebook Page