Helpful hacks for Australians moving to London

Posted January 26, 2017

So if you are reading this you have either packed up for a while from the land down under or maybe you are trying to understand how a person from the other side of the world gets their home comforts. After living in London for a year now, I’ve learnt a few tricks to medicate some of that homesickness which I think all Australians cannot live without.

With so many Aussies moving to London, more and more of the classic grub and booze is available. The first thing I had to get my hands on even with its bad reputation in the media recently, is the famed hamburger with the lot. The best place I’ve found one of these beauties is at Belushi’s Bar. It comes with all the trimmings and you can even match it with an imported pale if you choose. I hear you; there is more to our diverse cuisine.

This photo of Belushi’s – Hammersmith is courtesy of TripAdvisor


If you are in need of Tim Tams, mint slice or a packet of shapes, the Tesco in Hammersmith or Clapham South has you covered. They have a magical section dedicated purely to Australian and New Zealand products.

When it comes to Australian beer it’s a lot harder to come by than you could think. Don’t expect to be able to go down to your local bottle-o and pick up a XXXX or a VB. You are more likely be come across a cheap imposter in the way of a Fosters wedged between its European counterparts.  Do not worry; Walkabout Temple (Temple Station, Temple Pl, London WC2R 2PH) is here to rescue you. They have fridges full of lots of the classics from Coopers Pale to Tooheys New and you can even fill up on some Bundy Rum, if that’s what you are into. Not only will you tastes buds be satisfied, you can also get your fill of that Aussie Pub Nightlife that you don’t get anywhere else in the world.


Australia Day at Walkabout Temple


If all this food and booze doesn’t cure you and you are just in need of a good yarn or something a little more,  get yourself joined up with the Aussies in London on Facebook. The group offers a huge network of Aussies across London sharing in monthly and special social events, jobs and accommodation to help anyone who chooses to make this great city feel like home.

Featured Image I Flickr – Nicholas Raymond