Posted February 23, 2018

Astor Hostels is about to open its 5th hostel in one of the most beautiful and historically packed cities in the world! With the same wonderful facilities, helpful staff, incredible atmosphere, and unbeatable value as our London properties we are coming to YORK!!!


If you made a tick list of everything you want in a city York has it for you.

Ridiculously massive, incredible, ancient architecture? York Minster is a 546-year-old gothic masterpiece. Every angle of this spectacular building will have you snapping and posing before you’ve even entered.

Shopping? ✔

York’s been doing shopping for a long-long time, so long in fact, that it has the oldest shopping street in Europe! Walk along tiny little alleyways that look straight out of Harry Potter with everything from UOs and H&M to hundreds-of-years old shops that sell quirky amazing things.

Food and Drink? ✔

York has over 365 pubs! You can get drunk and make enemies in a different pub every day of the year; although we’d recommend drinking at the hostel’s awesome (and cheap) bar and making friends for life instead! York also boasts of amazing restaurants for every palette and if this weren’t enough it has the biggest food and drink festival in Britain every September.

Ghosts and Vikings? (LOL) ✔

Yep, got those too. The Jorvik Viking Centre lets you live like a Viking for a day with authentic toilets to really get into the spirit and if Vikings aren’t your thing; The Ghost Research Foundation gave York the Most Haunted City in Europe award for you to try and spot while on a stroll taking some amazing photos of the city walls or the river Ouse which runs through city.

No matter what you’re coming to York for, be it for the Horse Races or to explore the wonders of the city, our hostel will be the ultimate base for you. A short walk to the train station, city centre, and races. A wide variety of spacious en-suite rooms. Huge Victorian lounge, fully stocked bar, an absolutely beautiful garden patio, car park, dining area, kitchen, everything you need we’ll have it for you with a big smile on our faces.

Looking forward to seeing you in York!

Did you know... York has been voted the best place to live in the UK in 2018? by The Times


The Astor Family ❤