6 Things to do in York when it rains 

Posted November 22, 2019

 Jay Romeo – Astor York

“Some people feel the rain, others just get wet” – Roger Miller

Here in the north, and in beautiful York, there is a good chance you will be lucky enough to do both! With the rainfall being so frequent, the historic centre has been carefully carter to ensure there is an abundance to see and do whilst staying warm and dry. Here are a few of my top picks on how to have the best time in York in the worst weather.


What better way to watch the heavens open than with a drink in hand! York is home to 364 bars and pubs, so I assure you there is the perfect one for you to dry off and wet the whistle. Old pubs, new pubs, pubs with fireplaces, pubs with dogs, pubs with history that will blow your mind… York has it all. A Couple of my cosy favourites to check out are:


Axe Throwing at “Hilt”

With the Vikings settling in York (Previously name Jorvik by the Viking settlers) in roughly 866AD,  the city centre has many attractions as well as establishments paying tribute to the incredible Viking history. One of them – and my personal favourite – is Axe Throwing at the Hilt! How does enjoying a fantastic array of drinks, delightful food and great company, whilst submerging yourself in Viking heritage by throwing an axe 4m into a wooded target sound? Pretty bloody good, doesn’t it!


Jorvik Viking Centre

Maybe you’re done throwing axes & drinking ales and on the lookout for the next spot to stay dry and warm? Well… your prayers have been answered! That place is THE JORVIK VIKING CENTRE. There is a good reason “Jorvik” is one of the most popular tourist attractions in England, offering patrons an interactive tour through a Viking village found during excavations, looking closely at actual Viking tools, clothing and artifacts all found here in York. Having been created by the York Archaeology Trust rest assured this attraction is as informative as it is fun.

The York Chocolate Story

Who doesn’t like chocolate, and who doesn’t love a good story? If you weren’t aware, York is referred to at the chocolate capital of Britain. The “Chocolate Story” will provide you with a guided tour through the history of chocolate, both globally and in York.  With plenty of mind-blowing facts, history & tasty treats along the way, this is a not to be missed tour, and a great way out the rain.



National Railway Museum

With York being ranked the 3rd most historic place to visit in England, there is no surprise its home to some of the best museums in the country. The well-known and ever so popular railway museum is a great way to spend a few good hours admiring locomotives from the past that have been restored to their former glory. Even if you have no interest in the rail system, I can assure you the railway museum will have you fascinated and entertained. Once awarded “European Museum of the Year” this FREE museum is a must!

Castle Museum

Personally my favourite museum in the World: the Castle Museum is a great way to spend a couple of hours or even a full day! Don’t be confused as this museum isn’t just about castles even though it is situated on the site of the once standing York Castle. Located in the old jail, this museum has absolutely everything. From every period, even including a full Victorian street set up with candy stalls and all. I can’t begin to express how amazing the York Castle Museum is.


Just like every other great city, York offers all the standard indoor activities as well (Cinemas, Bowling alleys, indoor adventure parks etc) but be sure to check out the above suggestions. All of which are unique and exclusive to historic, beautiful, sometimes rainy York! 

Grab your umbrella, your camera, and come get wet with us here in York! If you need a place where to rest your bones check out our Special Offers and get the best deal on your York accommodation.

Featured image: The Hilt