Posted April 30, 2022

Astor Hostels’ Charity Concert Is The Perfect Definition of “Music With A Cause”!


With heartfelt music, brilliantly talented artists, and a bedazzling venue, the concert by World Heart Beat Music Academy will surely be a blast with not a single beat missed.

Understandably, we’ve all been yearning for a musical event for more than two years. Our ears have missed the enchanting tingles of the music and how it feels when you experience it live.
We are glad to announce that the wait is over as Astor Hostels, in partnership with the World Heart Beat Music Academy and Youth Music, have finally organized a Charity Musical Concert at no other place than Astor Hyde Park Hostel. The venue is perfect for an event like this. At the same time, this musical concert is just the right thing needed to bring a little life to the place after two years.

As the core focus of the concert will be the talented artists of World Heart Beat Music Academy, you will be pleased to know that these young musicians have been our showstoppers since the age of fourteen. They kick-started their careers with their very first gigs performed at our venue. And since the memories are intertwined, they are back again for a night you’ll cherish.

The young artists will be performing their 8th live concert for us on 4th May Wednesday. The event will be conducted during Youth Music’s “Give a Gig” Week. A series of diverse performances will fill the air with nothing but a pure melody.

Before you buy tickets, don’t forget the most important part. The special event is wholly charity-based. All earned cash will be directly donated to WHB and Youth Music. But that’s not all! After collecting the charity that will be raised on the night, the role of Astor Hostels will come forward, and they will double all donations collected.
This thoughtful and wholesome event deserves all the recognition and appreciation it can get. And what about the venue? It will be in the lounge of Astor Hyde Park, which is a treat. The place is ideal for a musical concert like this charity event.

The only thing left is your presence. Give the charity event a pat on the back with your presence. The artists will need all the help they can get, and there is no better way to support them for a good cause than by buying your ticket and reserving a seat for yourself for the event. After all, every good cause should be supported. Book your ticket today!