3 ways to deal with your Tourist Fatigue in London

Posted January 12, 2018

Being a successful tourist in London is not an easy feat and can exhaust even the fiercest of modern day explorers. London is a feast for the senses given that you know where to look. And like any large festive meal, it sometimes requires the equivalent of a sorbet to cleanse the pallet and get you emotionally ready to dodge another selfie stick.

I suspect if you have stumbled across this article you are already suffering from a serious condition commonly known as tourist fatigue. It is usually a direct result of restricting your tourist diet to the trip advisor’s standard overpopulated “must sees”.  Leaving you susceptible to getting stuck behind a crowd, struggling to find a bathroom and getting hit in the face with selfie sticks all slowly chipping away at your enthusiasm and will to go on.

Fear not my weary traveller, treatment is not as invasive as you think and will introduce you to a more personal side to of London, allowing you to recharge and get back to the Tourist Rat race in a matter of hours.


Treatment day is as follows:

1. Give those walking boots a break and hire a bike. The free city cycle allows you to sail past the crowds, exploring London, making the most of the limited sunshine on offer. The destination is Southbank.

2. Refuel at Borough Market! After riding along the River Thames and through the Southbank Christmas markets stop to indulge and explore Borough Markets AKA food heaven. Where all cuisines come together in one spot for your convenience and to give you multiple ‘foodgasms’. Taking a friend is recommended in order to maximise your taste testing potential.

3. Take in the view at Tate Modern (for free). One block from the market is Tate Modern where if you are feeling particularly cultured you can enjoy a fantastic selection of modern art from Picasso and Daly to a giant Interactive Art playground for your inner child. If this isn’t enough, continue walking up to the viewing platform where you can soak in the incredible view of London… without the line and cost of the London Eye.

If this treatment doesn’t make you want to start photobombing in line at the Change of guard I recommend the traditional treatment.. alcohol!