Astor Loves: Shakespeare’s Globe

Posted April 6, 2017
Written by Manuel Costa (Astor Hyde Park)

Spring has arrived, and along with it also the lovely weather that we were all craving, so why not heading to one of the most iconic open-air theaters in the world?! Located in the Southbank, Shakespeare’s Globe is the place where you can revive some of the author’s plays with a new and modern twitch, adapted in such an amazing way that will really make your time there worth it.

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In those plays, the actors often use some of the dialogues to interact with the audience making it quite easy for them to participate and ensuring an unforgettable experience. Luckily, you can choose between watching the whole thing sitting down or standing. Either way is obviously good, but if you would like to be closest to where the action happens we recommend you to get standing tickets.

The building has been rebuilt to perfectly resemble how it looked before it was burnt to the floor in 1963. One step inside and it automatically takes you back getting you thinking about the old days and how this was the only escape for people to socialise and escape from their daily routines.

The whole area where the Shakespeare’s Globe is situated is also amazing, facing the iconic River Thames where you can get a good glimpse of the beautiful London landscape. It’s also a walking distance from the famous Borough Market, one of the best markets in town where you can enjoy food from all around the world and a variety of drinks that will make your taste buns go nuts!

If what you prefer is a slightly more intimate environment where enjoy the coldness whilst getting your dose of vitamin D you should head to The Anchor Pub and check out their terrace, a personal favourite for a sunny day in the Southbank.

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