5 top notch bars for Chicken Wings in London

Posted March 2, 2018

by Dylan – Astor Victoria 


London is the city of dreams, dreams that let people live the life they desire.

The great Dr.seuss once said that “fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of the telescope”

The poultry treat that is the chicken wing is a family favourite around the globe, from the succulent juicy white meat that peels off the bone to the crispy skin that makes it way around the mouth with a single crunch, then we have the sauces, we can not forget about the sauces that compliment this little half-time treat such as blue cheese, ranch, ailoi.. the list goes on.

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Chicken as a meat has been depicted in Babylonian carvings from around 600 BC from then it has been a common staple in our diets and this will carry on for years to come, not only is it just a tasty treat but it also a beneficial morsel as it contains high protein and also provides selenium which contains antioxidants that help control free radicals and improve your immune system. (Wow!!!)

London has built its reputation as ‘the smoke’ because of all the chicken wings that get cooked in this city!

5. Daylesford Farmshop (Pimlico)

This little organic shop is located 5 minutes walking distance from Astor Victoria, this is the spot if you are feeling the urge to get your culinary skills in action, the wings here are always fresh and ready to fly out the door, price is affordable but you are paying for quality organic meat. These are nicely cooked on a pan smothered in pickle juice and cayenne pepper.

4. Randy’s wing bar (Aldgate & Hackney Wick)

This wee little gem is American-style wing spot located in East London (Aldgate & Hackney wick) that are the specialty at this lively restaurant with a fast & casual vibe. They have a mix of different culturally inspired morsels from southern to oriental. Price is good for taste, nice place to catch up with friends.

3. Ninth Ward (Farringdon)

Rustic-style bar with high stools and exposed beams, for cocktails, burgers and chicken wings. Located in the city of London this is the place if you want to take your date or friends to a fancy little night out this is the joint.

2. CHICKN’N’SOURS (Covent Garden & Haggerston )

This shop dedicates itself to the glorious wing from an amazing collection of different styles of wings you better prepare your taste buds to a one-way ticket to flavourtown.

A  whimsical menu of herb fed fried chicken, serious seasonal sides, sour cocktails, local beers & cracking soft serve ice cream creations. Couple this with great tunes and a lot of fun. Located in seven dial

1.  Blues Kitchen (Brixton)

The colonel must be turning in his grave knowing that the best chicken in London is not at his fine establishments but at the notorious blues kitchen.

Live music great drinks amazing wings beautiful atmosphere!!! What more do you want!!! If comfort was a restaurant it would be this place here, you’ll be licking your fingers and ready to get your groove on after a night out at blues kitchen.