Things you NEED to know before going to London

Moving to a new city always means getting used to its new routines and lifestyles and London makes no exception. So if you’re planning to move here or just want to come on holiday and see the city with the eyes of a real Londoner, there are some things that you need to learn in advance.

As you know, here at Astor Hostels we want you to feel at home even when you’re abroad, so we have done a deep research of the main characteristics that define London’s personality so that you know what to expect as soon as you arrive.

So, here are some of the main things you might want to know if you’re planning to come to London, whether it is to live here or just for holidays:

The rent situation is as crazy as everyone says. You know, people tend to be over-dramatic sometimes, but this is not the case: if someone tells you that for a shared room in zone 3 they’re paying as much as you’re paying for a single room in the super central and posh area of your city, that is very likely to be true (unless your city is New York).

No matter how much you earn, you’ll always be broke. That just comes automatically: as soon as you get a raise at work your lifestyle gets an upgrade too, so your hopes to make it to pay-day without having to eat only eggs in the last few days are just not going to be fulfilled. Get over it!

Tinder is really a thing. You might be thinking “but in the tube I only see people playing Candy Crush”, and that’s true, but it’s only because there’s no internet service underground. They’re actually dying inside because they had to put on hold that conversation that was about to turn into sexting, that’s why they’re so good at crushing those stupid candies.

The off-licence will save your life. You know those creepy little shops just around the corner that you don’t really look favourably when you walk past them? Well, there will be nights when you crave ice-cream or hangover Sundays when you need something solid in your stomach or unexpected visits at your place when you need wine… and for all of them you will just thank God that those little creepy shops are there, open 24/7.

Markets are a big thing, street food is a big thing and bikes are a big thing. All of those apply to almost everyone, but especially to hipsters.

Pay much more attention when crossing the road than what you think is enough. Bus drivers have been instructed to just warn you with a honk, but not to slow down. So in the unlucky event that you’re listening to music while walking and you don’t hear them coming, well…

Things change quickly, but there is one thing that will always be the same: at he question “When is a good time to go to Primark and not find it overcrowded?” the answer will always and unconditionally be: “NE-VER!”

If you want to find out more facts about London that you NEED to know, check out some of its oddities here or some interesting facts about the London Underground here.



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