Oddities of London

It’s again that time of the week when Astor Hostels wants to share with you some interesting / fun facts about our astonishing city – talking about London of course.

Well, personally, the first thing I’d talk about is the “4 seasons in one day” weather which seems pretty common in late spring / beginning of summer, and just very annoying too. But this is not what where we wanted to go.

Wandering around London, you will probably find yourself often giving a second look to things that might seem weird to you. These oddities are tucked away in unexpected corners, so having a small map to know where to see them might help.

– Berlin Wall – yes, that’s right, you can see pieces of the Berlin Wall in London. I’m not here to ask you why would you do that, but just to tell you that it is outside the National Army Museum (there is another piece inside and also outside the Imperial War Museum). Otherwise you can take a picture in front of any other wall and Instagram it with the hashtag #BerlinWallInLondonOMGAmazing

– Tower Bridge Chimney – How many times have you crossed the Tower Bridge? And have you ever noticed that there is a chimney right there on the street? Maybe not because it is painted to blend in with the lamp-posts. Who’s up for a BBQ on Tower Bridge this weekend then?



– Thames Lions – These lions’ heads line both sides of the Embankment, staring out over the River Thames. It is said that if the lions drink, London will flood, but thank God they haven’t had pint in years!

– South Bank Lion – speaking of lions, before moving here to the south side of Westminster Bridge this lion stood outside a pub as a logo for a brewery and it was the King himself to request it to be moved there. Way to go Lion!



– The Seven Noses of Soho – If walking around Soho you spot all of these seven noses, it is said that you will attain infinite wealth. And no, this is not an encouragement from the city of London to the use of drugs!

– Nelson’s Spare Nose – speaking of noses, this pink nose stuck in the granite of Admiralty Arch is said to be a spare for Nelson in Trafalgar Square, or a tribute to the Duke of Wellington, known for his large nose. Whoever’s face it comes from, it is creepy. And odd. 




Check out some other interesting facts about the Bridges in London or the London Underground clicking on the links.


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