London’s best burgers

In London, you know, you can eat food from all over the world: there is a restaurant for every ethnic taste.

But there are times when all you fancy is just the dear old burger with as many dressings as possible, and if you’re not hangover maybe you want something more than the usual McDonald’s. Well, obviously in London there’s plenty of choice to eat a good burger and Astor Hostels wants to give you some hints about the best ones.

Keep in mind that the places suggested have been all tested personally by us, so we know what we’re talking about!

 – BRGR.CO: in the heart of Soho (and soon a new one in Chelsea), this restaurant has a very cosy atmosphere and some great quality food. The menu is quite simple, but every choice will make you feel like you’ve picked the right thing. Definitely suggested also if you’re on a date, although you should always keep in mind that eating a burger is not the sexiest thing to do, so make sure you’re going there with the right one.



GBK: there are quite a few branches around the city so you can check on their website which one is the closest to you (and their website is really cool, so defintely worth a visit). Their burgers are great, very tasty and with a lot of options on the menu, so this place is highly recommended. Also their French fries are worth a try, but don’t be greedy and go for the skinny ones!



Byron: this is the right place for a relaxed evening with family or friends. Very friendly staff and good service, prices are affordable and the burgers are still quite tasty. Not a huge menu but the few options are all worth a try. Recommended for a casual night out.



Honest Burger: get ready to queue! It is almost impossible to go to one of their restaurants and be seated right away. But once you get your food you’ll realize that it was worth the wait. Strongly suggested to visit the original one in Brixton, very bohemian and characteristic, even though the burgers are so good that you won’t be paying much attention to what you have around.



Dirty Burger: believe me, you do want to get dirty in this place! Their formula is great: extremely hipster interiors, reasonable prices and yummy food. One of the best combinations for all the burger lovers in London.


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